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Drinking too much alcohol can be harmful. Everyone can benefit from drinking less alcohol or not drinking at all.

Our Best Spirits

Best Spirits of 2023, TASTED and RANKED

We Make Wines Too

Top New Wines to collect from some of the most renowned REGIONS OF WORLD

Donna Silvina
Organic and Biodynamic wine.

Producing natural wines through organic and biodynamic growing. This wine is created by letting nature do its work, using wild yeast and intervening as less as possible to the elaboration process. Very proud to be the first wine project in Mendoza to process its organic and biodynamic grapes in its own certified organic and biodynamic Winery. Many awards have been won by this wine collection Bronze from the The Global Masters as well as Commended from the Decanter World Wine Awards.

Backyard Leaf
Wine Collection from Chile

These collection of wines are the ideal combination of herbs and wild flowers on the nose with round, silky and spicy finish on the palate. These wine pairs with range of food from aged cheeses to roast beef, seafood or paellas. The Vertical vine trellis and Spanish grape arbour. Mostly deep soils with a clay texture. Harvested by hand, grapes selected in the vineyard. Some wines age for 12 months in French and American oak barrels

Sula Wines
Enthralling wine enveloped by Nature

Rajeev Samant's introduction to wines took place during his early years studying at Stanford University and working at Oracle in California, neither grapes nor wine were at the top of his mind when he returned to India in the early 90s. A chance visit to his family's land in Nashik - a region well-known for growing table grapes - in 1994 led to the seed of an idea, and before he knew it, he began pursuing the idea of growing wine grapes in Nashik.

Cadus Wines
Born of small and well-kept farms

In Ancient Rome, the amphoras that carried limited batches of special wine were called ‘Cadus’. Created with the same vision, Cadus was Nieto Senetiner’s iconic wine for two decades. Today, CADUS WINES is an independent winery that creates limited batches of auteur wines with the zeal of those who seek to capture the essence of nature, and manages to express the unique features of the best vineyards in the Andes foothills.

Get to Know Us

Our goal is to Grow every day and offer you the BEST.

The Origin of our Drinks

Eastern Liquors USA has brought to the United States a growing portfolio of fine spirits, beers and wines from India, Argentina, Chile and Mexico that meet strict standards for transparency, traceability, and quality. Also adding USA based products in portfolio too.

Where you can Taste our Drinks?

One of our core beliefs at Eastern Liquors is that the best way to learn about a product is to taste it. We have promoted tastings since we opened our doors and have devoted a significant amount of budget to support that effort.

We regularly host tasting in stores, restaurants and lounges near you. Please check our event Calendar for upcoming events. You can also reach us for any further details. Our successful tasting event always get concluded by the dialogue between presenter and participants. This also helps to gauge the knowledge level of the participants so the experience can be shaped accordingly.

Learn More About Us

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Our Tasting Events

Check out our upcoming beverage tastings events around the area.

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