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Drinking too much alcohol can be harmful. Everyone can benefit from drinking less alcohol or not drinking at all.


Our Geographical Reach

We are dedicated to serve our customers, by listening to their needs and them.

E a s t e r n L i q u o r s ® w i n e & s p i r i t s ®

Eastern Liquors USA is a New Jersey-based, family-owned, alcoholic beverages distribution company with a footprint across North America. With a geographical footprint spanning 45 markets in the United States, along with Canada, our local team members are always accessible and willing to help our customers.

Our distribution network is designed for flexibility. With a revolutionary logistics model powered by advanced warehouse management and planning technologies, we are able to respond to fluctuating demand, rebalance inventory levels, ensure improved in-stock positions, and deliver a more distinctive product mix for customers. With expertise, market insights, and route-to-market capability to work with anyone from the largest retail chains to the smallest independent businesses, we’re committed to providing you with the products and service you need to grow.