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GinNew Player: Jamun Dry Gin
“A CELEBRATION OF NATURAL BLISS-The unique flavor profile of this gin is attributed to the Himalayan spring water used in its production. The gin provides a delightful balance of citrus, botanical and fresh flavors, making it a must-try for gin enthusiasts.”
JAMUN DRY GIN-The Himalayan Juniper

Jamun Dry Gin is a new player in the gin market, brought to you by the , Mohan Meakins. With a rich history in producing iconic drinks like Old Monk Rum and Solan Gold single malt, Jamun Dry Gin marks their debut in the gin industry. This gin prom­ises to be a fine blend of unique flavors. The name ”Jamun” may be a bit misleading, as some may think it refers to a flavored gin. But in reality, ”Jamun” is a term sometimes used to refer to juniper berries, which are one of the unique ingredients in this gin. Among the many gins available in WORLD, only a handful use juniper from the Himalayas, making Jamun Dry Gin a standout product in the market.

“When nosing the Jamun Dry Gin, you will be struck by the fresh aroma of the botanicals, including coriander, mint, lemon peel, and citrus. This creates a refreshing, invigorating scent that will leave you eager to taste the gin.”

This gin, is bot­tled at the Solan Brewery using Himalayan spring water, giving it a unique and unparal­leled taste. The gin is named after the Juniper berries that are used in its production, and the Himalayan spring water adds to its distinctiveness, much like the single malts from the region that are known for their special taste due to the water used.

In terms of tasting, the gin immediately notices the zesty flavor of citrus and lemon peel, followed by a subtle sweetness that tastes like orange. The finish is marked by a touch of spice, which adds a delightful warmth to the throat. The gin’s balance on the palette is remarkable, and the credit for this goes to the use of Himalayan spring water. This special ingredient adds a smooth, almost magical quality to the gin that you have to taste for your-self to fully appreciate…

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