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Drinking too much alcohol can be harmful. Everyone can benefit from drinking less alcohol or not drinking at all.


Latest Past Events

Yardville GODAWAN Tasting Event

Yardville Buy-Rite 429 New Jersey 156, Hamilton Township

Please join us for the tasting of Single Malt Whisky @ Buy-Rite Yardville, NJ (DETAILS BELOW) "GODAWAN, Crafted without compromise." Impeccably created with the finest ingredients, GODAWAN promises an experience […]

Cranbury(NJ) GODAWAN Tasting Event

Buy Rite Wine and Spirits 2678 Rte 130 Half Acre Rd, Cranbury

"When you take a sip of GODAWAN, a symphony of flavors and aromas unfolds, enticing the senses with its undeniable refinement. ​" To know more about this expression Please join […]


LeMalt lounge 1021 Saint Georges Ave, Colonia

Godawan, Diageo India’s artisanal Single Malt Whisky, is crafted in, its provenance inspired by, and dedicated wholeheartedly to this Rajasthani ethos – of beauty in scarcity, and sustainability. The heat of over 100°F combined with six-row barley, that requires lesser water, helps create a whisky with an incredible depth of flavour, and a rich and complex character. The aridity means the “Angel’s share” is higher than average in Godawan – leaving behind a whisky with stunning taste profiles, which are finished in special casks selectively curated with Indian botanicals.