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Wild Tiger Special Reserve Rum

Wild Tiger is a super premium RUM owing to its exotic blend and bottled in Kerala, India on the banks of the pristine Bharathappuzhariver (Southern Ganges). Wild Tiger RUM has been created to serve the discerning consumer a sensory experience like no other and it is distinctively and proudly Indian. It is India’s first rum to be produced from a blend of molasses and cane  spirit

The Exotic Blend Wild Tiger Special Reserve RUM is an exotic blend of Indian molasses spirit distilled in columns - then aged in American Oakwood casks which once stored Bourbon Whiskey- thereby imparting some delectable undertones to this RUM. The resulting beverage is then harmoniously married to perfection under the watchful eyes of our distinguished Master Blender with pure cane juice spirit achieved from double distillation in pot stills, thus resulting in an exceptional dark amber liquid that is aromatic, flavorsome and truly Rumtastic.

  • Manufacturer:   SDF Industries LTD
  • Alcohol:  40% by volume
  • Size:  750 ml
  • Country of Origin: India