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Old Monk The Legend Rum

The exquisite Old Monk Rum The Legend of South Asia rests in a bottle It looks like the head of a monk, and after all, so the name is a reference to the monks. In the unusually shaped bottle rests a dark liquid, which suggests that this is a long matured rum. The exclusive Old Monk Rum The Legend comes from the renowned Indian Mohan Meakin Brewery and stands for high quality. Experts forecast that distillates for the sophisticated blend matured a minimum of 18 years in oak barrels.

Aroma and taste of the incomparable Old Monk Rum The Legend stand for sweetness and a connotation of wood from the long storage. The masterpiece in the stylish bottle unfolds not least an oriental or exotic acting overtones of spices. Cloves and cinnamon excite the senses. Molasses and butterscotch join these three. In addition, the drinking experience seduces with fruity notes of banana and orange peel. the Old Monk Rum The Legend treat yourself, you should this pure or do "on the rocks", because it is a highlight of rarity value. The inimitable Blended Rum has a surprisingly light body, despite its complexity. 

  • Manufacturer:  Mohan Meakins Limited
  • Alcohol: 40% by Vol.
  • Size: 750ml
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Age: 18 year/Very Old Vatted